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March 16, 2020 7:15 pm

A Change of Orientation Concerning the Virus

“The worldwide circumstance just brings out in each person what doesn’t work. Relating to your self in any circumstance makes your self worse. Relating to your heart or anything deeper within circumvents the self-referencing and it puts you right into the real.”

* Online Interactive Meeting

  • Relate to your awakenings instead of relating to what affects your self
  • All of the surface information of anything that affects your self isn’t real; it’s only actual
  • How to explain to children about the COVID-19 world situation
  • Instead of focusing on the heavier times, come out in the really little things
  • If you’re using the depth of okayness for the surface, you’re not oriented to what you really are
  • The ship of what you really are is on the move and it isn’t without you

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