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February 8, 2021 11:00 am

A Celestial Level of Love, A Divine Level of Humanness

“In entering the celestial, the sphere of knowledge and being is so other than the nature of the human being. In making that transition as awareness, you will then move as a celestial being that is so other, into the field of human beingness, magnifying the human being, opening powers of the human being that are not accessible to the human being.”

  • Feminine and masculine beingness and the sense of androgyny
  • Transferring from a human to a celestial being
  • A divine level of humanness without identity or sense of self
  • A celestial level of love; understanding and empathy for the human being
  • Sexuality cleaned of polarization; a celestial capacity and power to meet and commune
  • What is conscious technology and how does it move here?
  • You cannot employ familiarity to enter the unknown you’ve known

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VOD Duration: 110 Minutes
Joelle K., Mei Chi C.